Often school districts employ school nurses to provide services.  The authorization statement printed on the current school nurse credential document, as found in Education Code §49426 is a comprehensive statement of the duties of a school nurse.  It states that the holder may:

  1. Conduct immunization programs;
  2. Assess and evaluate the health and development status of pupils;
  3. Interpret the health and development assessment to parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals directly concerned with the pupil;
  4. Design and implement individual student health maintenance plans;
  5. Maintain communication with parents and all involved community practitioners and agencies;
  6. Interpret medical and nursing findings appropriate to the student's individualized education program and make recommendations to professional personnel directly involved;
  7. Consult, conduct, and serve as a resource person for in-service training to teachers and administrators;
  8. Develop and implement health education curriculum; act as a participant in implementing a comprehensive health instruction curriculum for students;
  9. Counsel and assist pupils and parents in health related and school adjustment services; and
  10. Teach health-related subjects under the supervision of a classroom teacher.

Credentialed School Nurses may also earn a Special Teaching Authorization that authorizes the holder to independently teach health classes in preschool, kindergarten, grades 1-12 inclusive, and classes organized primarily for adults.

Note, a School Nurse Services Credential is required.  There is no authority to contract out for school nurse services, or to allow either a RN or LVN to serve in a public school assignment.

The following credentials authorize service as a school nurse:

Documents that are Currently Issued:

Credential TitleDocument Code
School Nurse Services CredentialSC3A

Documents that are No Longer Initially Issued:

Credential TitleDocument Code
Health Services: School Nurse CredentialSC3
Standard Health Services: School Nurse CredentialSSCB
General Health and Development: School NurseGS2

Updated August 09, 2022