Self-contained settings may include team teaching or regrouping of pupils at the elementary level.  The basis of the authorization for the Multiple Subject (MS) Credential is the self-contained classroom setting whereby all or most subjects are taught by one instructor to the same group of students throughout the day.  All variations of the MS authorization found in Education Code (regrouping, team teaching, and teaching in a core setting) maintain the foundation of a self-contained classroom while allowing some variant of flexibility for the assignment. 


Regrouping occurs when two or more teachers each teach all the subjects in a self-contained classroom, but group their students for one or more of those subjects.  Students may be grouped by their learning level. For example, one teacher may take the below-grade level math students from two or more classes, while another teacher takes the above-grade level math students, etc.  The teachers usually begin the day with the students assigned to them for self-contained instruction and teach the majority of content to their designated students throughout the day.  The concept of regrouping is not generally used in middle schools.

Teachers Self-Contained Grade Level or Remedial Science Class switches with Teacher B's Self-Contained Advanced Science Class

Team Teaching

Team teaching occurs when two teachers of the same grade level divide their self-contained classroom instruction based on each teacher's strengths in a specific subject area(s).  For example, one teacher might provide instruction in English language arts to both classes (at different times), while the other teacher teaches science to both (at different times).  This approach allows both teachers to use their strengths to provide instruction in their area of expertise to a larger number of students.  In this manner, the teacher's subject area knowledge becomes the important factor.

Teachers Self-Contained English Class switches with Teacher B's Self-Contained Science Class

For both regrouping and team teaching assignments, teachers ultimately serve in a self-contained classroom while sharing instructional responsibilities with another teacher.  These assignments are designed to meet specified educational goals and do not result in a single teacher teaching only one subject for a full day.

The information provided is designed to serve as guidance only.  Local educational agencies are responsible to thoroughly review relevant Statutes and Regulations and determine the appropriateness of an assignment at the local level.

Updated December 06, 2022