Education Code §44225.7 outlines the hiring and placement priorities defined by law for local employing agencies.  It states that if a suitable fully prepared teacher is not available to a school district, the district under all circumstances shall make reasonable efforts to recruit an individual for the assignment, in the following order:

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The hiring hierarchy should be followed for every certificated assignment.  Employers must first attempt to find a fully credentialed educator to fill an assignment.  If one is not found after a diligent search, local educational agencies may continue down the hierarchy until a suitable educator is found.  Waivers should be the last resort for filling a certificated assignment.

Note, County offices and school districts are prohibited from paying the salary of any person who is employed in a position requiring certification qualifications while not holding a "proper" certification document (EC §45034).

Additional information related to the hiring hierarchy can be found in Coded Correspondence 13-01, Subject: Hiring Hierarchy in Education Code Section 44225.7.

Updated September 21, 2021