The Commission issues emergency teaching or services permits at the request of employers who are unable to sufficiently recruit fully credentialed staff to fulfill their employment needs.

Regulations governing the issuance and renewal of teaching and emergency permits were written with the intention of seeking the best interests of the students in the classroom, as well as employers and credential candidates for the purpose of assuring suitably qualified persons are providing instruction in our schools.

Teaching and emergency permits allow qualified individuals who have completed some or most of their credential requirements to be employed while completing the remaining requirements for their prospective credentials (EC §44300(a)(3)(A)).

Emergency Permits Issued by the Commission

Emergency Teaching and Services Permits are designed to fill a vacancy when no suitable, fully-qualified educator can be recruited.  Applications for emergency permits must be submitted through the employing agency.  The Commission will not accept an application for an emergency permit submitted directly by an applicant.  The types of emergency permits issued by the Commission include the following:

General or Special Education Teaching Assignments:

  • Provisional Internship Permit (PIP)
  • Short-Term Staff Permit (STSP)
  • Limited Assignment Permits in General and Special Education (GELAP and SELAP)

English Learner Assignments:

  • Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development (CLAD) Permit
  • Bilingual Authorization Permit

Services Assignments:

  • Teacher Librarian Services Permit

Special Education Resource Assignments:

  • Resource Specialist Permit


Responsibility of the Employer Requesting the Emergency Permits

Submission of Completed Application

The employing agency is responsible for submitting the completed application on the educator's behalf when applying for an emergency teaching permit.  This includes completion of the File Box, submission of correct supporting materials, and clear indication of the employing agency to be listed as the restriction on the document (if applicable).

Applicant Qualifications and Temporary County Certificates

The employer must make sure, to the best of their ability, that the individual meets the academic requirements for the permit prior to placing them in the classroom and submitting the application to the Commission.  The county may issue a Temporary County Certificate (TCC) which allows the individual to serve in their school(s) for up to a year while the application is being processed by the Commission.  The Commission does not have purview over TCCs.

Declaration of Need (DON)

In order to employ an individual on an emergency permit, the employing agency must have a valid Declaration of Need (DON) (CL-500) on file with the Commission during the valid period of the permit.  The DON is the employer's proof to the Commission that there is a need to hire a teacher who does not hold a credential.  Additional information on the DON is provided below.

Orientation and Guidance

During the valid period of the initial issuance of the emergency permit, the employer must provide orientation for the new teacher and must assign an experienced educator to guide and assist the individual during the first year of teaching.  Verification that the employer will provide the required orientation, guidance and assistance is required with many emergency permit applications.

Updated September 21, 2021