When identifying appropriate assignments, the first consideration should always be the students who will be served, not the teachers or other certificated staff that may have an opening in their schedule.  There are several factors that employers must consider in order to ensure an appropriate and legal educator assignment.  Some of these factors may be directly linked to the documents issued by the Commission (shown in the graphics below in blue). while others may be influenced by outside sources such as the California Department of Education (CDE), State Board of Education, or Federal Department of Education (displayed in bronze below).  While the Commission has no purview over these outside elements, they are referenced so that Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) have the necessary context to make an informed decision regarding an appropriate assignment.

Teacher Assignment Considerations: In blue: Setting, Content, Grade Level; In bronze: Course Credit, A-G Credit, ESSA, Funding


Service Assignment Considerations: In blue: Scope of Service, Service Type; In bronze: Legal Req., ESSA, Service Delivery, Funding

Updated September 21, 2021