History of General Education Teaching Credentials

The Commission has issued many different types of general education teaching credentials throughout the decades.

General Teaching Credentials issued prior to 1961; Standard Teaching Credentials issued 1961-1974; Ryan Credentials issued 1970-2003; SB 2042 Teaching Credentials issued after 2003; Supplementary/Subject Matter Authorizations

Many credentials issued prior to the 1980s were "life" documents that do not expire.  Employers should always review the authorization statement for older credentials to identify the scope of an individual's certification.


Credential Areas Currently Issued by the Commission

The Commission issues credentials and permits that authorize individuals to provide various types of instruction and non-teaching services in the California public school system.  Some credential types are not only issued based on preparation within California, but may include pathways for educators prepared in other states or outside the United States.

Note, every credential or permit has one or more authorization statements that reflect the preparation the credential holder received and provide specific instruction or services authorized.

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All credentials issued by the Commission include an authorization code and authorization statement.  The authorization code can be a key to determining what services an educator is authorized to provide.  The authorization statement will correspond to the authorization code, and provides a detailed text explanation of what services are authorized by the credential.


Updated December 06, 2022