The chart below serves as a guide to what library-related duties certificated teachers, administrators, librarians, and classified staff can provide.


Teacher Librarian Credential

(R53A or R53B)

Emergency Teacher Librarian Permit


Teacher Librarian Special Class Authorization1


Administrative Services Credential


Non-Credentialed Classified Employee


Other Teaching Credentials


Instruct students in accessing, evaluating, using and integrating library information and resourcesYesYesXXXX
Plan and coordinate school library programs with instructional programsYesYesXXXX
Select materials for school and district librariesYesYesXXXX
Order materials for school and district librariesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Develop programs for school library services and deliver staff developmentYesYesXXXX
Coordinate or supervise library programs at the school, district, or county levelYesYesXXXX
Plan and conduct a course of instruction for pupils who assist in the operation of school librariesYesYesXXXX
Supervise classified personnel assigned school library dutiesYesYesXXXX
Develop procedures for and management of the school and district librariesYesYesXXXX
Shelving books, filing, checking in and out of materialsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Departmentalized instruction in information literacy, digital literacy, and digital citizenship to studentsXXYesXXX
1 The Teacher Librarian Special Class Authorization must be held in conjunction with a valid Teacher Librarian Credential.  The services authorized by the Special Class Authorization are in addition to those authorized by a Teacher Librarian Credential.
Updated March 11, 2024