Substitute FAQs

Who can serve as a Substitute during Summer School?

Whether the assignment is during the regular school year or during a summer school session, the individual must hold the appropriate credential to perform the service.  The school district and county office are held accountable in their monitoring for summer school assignments.  The holder of an Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit may serve in a summer school assignment provided the employing agency can verify that the individual is serving as a substitute for a credentialed teacher and the assignment is not more than 30 days for one teacher in a General Education classroom, and not more than 20 days for one teacher in a Special Education classroom.  Employing agencies must be extremely cautious when assigning the holder of an Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit to serve in a summer school assignment.

Can Interns serve as day-to-day substitutes?

Per Title 5 §80025.3(c), holders of university internship and district internship credentials are not authorized to serve as day-to-day substitutes unless the assignment is during summer school, is in the subject area authorized by the internship credential or certificate, and is considered as fulfilling the internship.

How does the Executive Order N-3-22 effect substitute teaching assignments in the 2021-22 school year?

On January 11, 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Executive Order (EO) N-3-22 which immediately enacted staffing flexibilities to help alleviate staffing issues due to the Omicron driven rise in Covid-19 cases.  The EO allows individuals who do not currently hold an Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit to receive a Temporary County Certificate (TCC) in order to serve in an emergency substitute assignment immediately. Individuals must meet licensure requirements in order to be eligible for TCCs,  including:

  • a bachelor’s or higher degree;
  • a valid Certificate of Clearance or other Commission issued document; and
  • satisfaction of the Basic Skills Requirement.

Individuals that do not meet this criteria, including student teachers, are not eligible for TCCs. Student teachers must have this criteria met in order to be legally authorized from an assignment perspective.

This EO also temporarily extends the substitute service limitation for holders of a Commission-issued document authorizing substitute teaching and TCC holders to 120 days for any one teacher in a General Education setting. This flexibility is not extended to Special Education settings. In order for the 120 day limit in a general education setting to apply, the educator must be placed in the assignment by March 31, 2022. If placed in the assignment after that date, the educator may substitute for other teachers for up to 60 days (both General Education and Special Education settings) through June 30, 2022, pursuant to Assembly Bill 167. On July 1, 2022 the substitute service limitations for all holders of documents authorizing substitute teaching will be 30 days in a General Education setting and 20 days in a Special Education setting.

For additional information related to Executive Order N-3-22, refer to Coded Correspondence 22-01.

How does Assembly Bill (AB) 181 effect substitute teaching assignments in the 2022-23 school year?

Passage of the Education Omnibus Budget Trailer Bill continued the extension of the number of cumulative days a substitute teacher can serve in the classroom for one teacher of record until July 1, 2023. The following substitute timeframes apply until that date:

  • Holders of any Commission-issued document that authorizes substitute teaching in a general or special education classroom, including: 1) substitute permits, 2) full teaching credentials, and 3) emergency permits may serve for 60 cumulative days in either general or special education settings;
  • Holders of any Commission-issued document that authorizes substitute teaching in a career technical education classroom, including: 1) Career Technical Education credentials, and 2) Career Technical Education substitute permits can substitute for 60 cumulative days in CTE settings.

Refer to table below for information on what various documents' substitute service limits are in each setting:

Credential Type and Doc. CodeGeneral Education SettingSpecial Education SettingCareer Technical Education (CTE) Setting
Single Subject Teaching Credential (TC1)606030
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (TC2)606030
30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit (SUBP)606030
Prospective Substitute Permit (SUBT)606030
Career Substitute Permit (SUBC)606030
Provisional Internship Permit (TC14)606030
Short-Term Staff Permit (TC13)606030
Teaching Permit for Statutory leave (TPSL)606030
Career Technical Education (CTE) Teaching CredentialNoneNone60
Designated Subjects CTE 30-Day Substitute Permit (SUBV)NoneNone60
Variable Term WaiverNoneNoneNone
University or District Intern Credential (TC1: IN, TC2: IN, TC3S: IN or TC10)NoneNoneNone


Updated October 07, 2021