A Child Development permit authorizes service in the care, development, and instruction of children in a child care and development program (any state licensed center-based child care and development program).  These permits are designed for individuals working with children ages 5 and below.  There are multiple levels within the structure of these permits that authorize different levels of care and instruction for young children, as well as supervision of child care and development programs.

Education code §8303(a) provides that, "each person employed by a public or private agency in a position requiring a child development permit for the supervision and instruction of children...  shall be deemed to be employed in a position requiring certification qualifications."


Child Development
Child care and development programTitle 5 80105
Supervised field experience
Professional growth
HERO program (Accredited Home Economics Related Occupations program)
School-Age Emphasis
Child Development Associate (CDA) credential
Local Assignment Options (Child Development)
Local assignment options for instructionEducation Code 8360(b)
Local assignment staffing options for Program DirectorEducation Code 8360.1
Updated June 17, 2022