The Commission issues bilingual authorizations for teaching credentials.  Prior to 2009, the bilingual authorization was issued on a separate certificate (Bilingual, Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development (BCLAD)).  However, bilingual authorizations are now issued on the teaching credential or as a separate document (Educator Authorization) for credential holders who hold a Life or General credential.  For more information about the Bilingual Authorization, see leaflet CL-628B.

Bilingual Authorizations authorize the credential holder to provide instruction for English Language Development (ELD), primary language development, Specially Designed Academic Instruction Delivered in English (SDAIE), and content instruction delivered in the primary language.  Credential holders with a bilingual authorization may serve English learner students in the K-12 classrooms.

This page provides information on new bilingual authorizations issued by document type (i.e., credential, permit, waiver), in the last ten years. The Commission uses the fiscal year starting from July 1 to June 30 to report the number of authorizations issued.  Data files are available in the Data and Resources section at the bottom of the page. Access the Glossary for more information about terms used on this page.  Access the How to Use Dashboards page for tips on how to search and view data on this page.

Bilingual Authorizations Issued on a Certificate/Credential

Data below display the number of bilingual authorizations issued on a certificate or credential in the last ten years. Bilingual authorizations may be issued as a stand-alone document, and also initially issued or subsequently added on a valid Educator Authorization document or a teaching credential (i.e., Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Single Subject Teaching Credential, Education Specialist Instruction Credential).  Data do not include intern credentials, permits or waivers.

Use the drop down menus below to search data by language, document name, and year.

Bilingual Authorizations Issued on Teaching Intern Credentials, Permits and Waivers

Data below display the number of bilingual authorizations issued on intern credentials, permits and waivers in the last ten years. Individuals who hold the Bilingual Authorization Permit or Bilingual Authorization Waiver are authorized to provide full bilingual services while completing the Bilingual Authorization requirements. Individuals with Bilingual Authorizations issued on a teaching intern, permit (specifically the Provisional Internship Permit and Short-Term Staff Permit) or waiver document are also authorized to provide full bilingual services even though they may not have completed all bilingual authorization requirements while concurrently working on completing requirements for a teaching credential. All bilingual authorizations issued in this section are restricted to the employed school districts. An authorization may be restricted to more than one school district on the document issued. As a result, the total count of authorizations may be more than the total number of documents issued as some individuals were authorized to provide bilingual services at multiple school sites.
Use the drop down menus below to search data by document type, year, county and school district. Use the color legend to highlight, keep only and exclude data points in the figure. To undo or revert selections, use the toolbar below the figure.
Note: Waivers with County = Null and an Institute of Higher Education (IHE) school district indicate that the restriction on the document is tied to a Commission-approved institution that recommended a Program Sponsor - Variable Term Waiver (PS-VTW). Commission-approved local education agencies may also be listed on the PS-VTW, but they will be associated with a county.

Updated April 05, 2024