The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (Commission) accredits institutions and approves programs that meet its adopted standards of quality and effectiveness.  These programs span across all credential areas and include subject matter programs, educator preparation programs and educator induction programs.  Prospective candidates may enroll in Commission-approved institutions that offer approved programs to earn a credential or authorization to serve in California's public schools.

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Find Commission-approved institutions offering California preparation programs

For educators prepared in California, completing a Commission-approved educator preparation program is required to earn a credential or authorization. Subject matter programs do not lead to a credential but completion of such programs may be used to meet the subject matter competency requirement for a teaching credential. To view the number and list of currently offered educator or subject matter preparation programs, click the tabs below

Explore information about a Commission-approved institution

Using the drop down menu below, select an institution to view its data dashboard. Use the data dashboard below to explore information about an institution such as its accreditation status, contacts, approved programs, credentials and authorizations issued, and the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) and Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) pass rates for program completers. Contact information is provided by Commission-approved institutions.  Institutions may update their contact information in the Commission’s Accreditation Data System (see Program Sponsor Alert 20-01). Detailed information about the institution’s approved programs (i.e., program and candidate demographics) are self-reported data that were collected during the annual data submission process. The number of credentials issued only includes preliminary and clear. The RICA pass rates may be available for institutions that offer initial Multiple Subject and/or Education Specialist programs, and TPA pass rates may be available for institutions that offer initial Multiple Subject and/or Single Subject programs.  RICA and TPA pass rates are available if there are ten or more examinees who took the exam in a given year.  Subject matter programs may be available if the institution was approved by the Commission to offer the specific program.  For further inquiries about an institution’s program, please contact the institution.

Institutions’ program data collected in the annual data submission process, including credential issuances and RICA/TPA pass rates data, will be annually updated at the end of the year.  To find the most current credential data, please visit the Educator Supply website.  All other information are updated daily.

Select an institution name, and then click the arrow button to access an approved institution’s information. To update your selection, use the institution name drop down menu. Institutions may have a large amount of information; therefore, use the vertical scroll bar in specific sections to view all information.



Updated May 16, 2024