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Commission Meeting Agenda
June 18-19, 2020

Watch Meeting: Thursday, June 18, 2020 Part 1, Part 2 and Friday, June 19, 2020.

Attachments are in PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel formats.

In response to Governor Newsom’s declaration of a State of an Emergency relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and Executive Order N-29-20 the Commission on Teacher Credentialing will conduct the public portion of its meeting via Zoom webcast. Members of the Commission will not be present at the Commission office, but will participate by teleconference from other locations throughout the state. The public may access the General Session of this meeting through the Zoom webcast. If they do not have computer access they may participate by telephone via the US Toll-Free call-in numbers delineated below.

Meeting Participation via Zoom Webcast
The Commission’s General Session teleconference meeting will be accessible for public participation through a Zoom webcast. The following links are provided to access the webcasts on June 18-19, 2020:

Meeting Participation via Teleconference
If you do not have access to a computer, the public may listen to the Commission meeting by dialing US Toll-Free: 877-853-5257 or 888-475-4499. The Meeting ID numbers for each day are listed below.

  • June 18: 818 5242 5959
  • June 19: 853 7757 3710 

Note: Individuals calling from a blocked telephone number who plan to make public comment (see below) on an agenda item during the course of the meeting must unblock their telephone number by dialing *82 prior to entering the toll-free number listed above.

Public Comment Procedures
Members of the public wishing to address the Commission on a subject to be considered at this meeting are asked to send an email to  The email must include the following information:

  • Agenda item number in the subject line
  • Name and affiliation of the person who will address the Commission

Note: The name of individual requesting to speak must match the name used to join the webinar and/or include the telephone number if joining the meeting through teleconference.

Public comment may be limited to one-minute per speaker depending on the volume of speakers wishing to speak to a particular agenda item.

Members of the public wishing to address the Commission on a subject to be considered at this meeting who DO NOT have internet access may call 916-322-6253. If calling prior to the meeting, leave a voicemail with the above listed information, including your phone number. Your name will be called when the item is opened for public comment. You will need to be connected to the meeting via the US Toll-Free number listed above in order to make your public comment.

On the day of the meeting, at the appropriate time for public comment on an item, Commission staff will call the name of the individual who has sent an email or left a voicemail requesting to speak on the item and invite them to give their comment. At that time, the meeting host will unmute the person’s microphone and allow them to share their comment. At the conclusion of the speaker’s comments their microphone will be muted by the meeting host.

Staff will be monitoring email and voicemail at 916-322-6253 for public comment requests prior to and during the presentation of each item.

Written Comment Procedures
Members of the public wishing to send written comments about an agenda item to the Commission are asked to send an electronic copy (PDF is preferred) to no later than 12:00 pm on June 15, 2020. Individuals unable to meet the written comment deadline are welcome to make public comment during the meeting (see above).

All times are approximate and are provided for convenience only except time specific items identified herein (i.e. Public Hearing). The order of business within each day may be changed without notice.  All items may be reordered to be heard on any day of the noticed meeting.

Reasonable Accommodation: Any person with a disability requiring disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in the meeting may make a request by contacting Rhonda Brown at 916-322-6253 or sending a written request to that person at 1900 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95811. Requests should be made as soon as possible but at least five working days in advance of the meeting.

Thursday, June 18, 2020
General Session
9:00 a.m.

Tine Sloan, Chair

General Session
Chair Tine Sloan will convene General Session. Roll call will be taken and the Pledge of Allegiance recited.


1A: Approval of the April 2020 Minutes
The minutes of the April 2020 meeting of the Commission are submitted for approval.

Watch Video (1A)


1B: Approval of the June 2020 Agenda
The Agenda for the June 2020 meeting of the Commission is considered for approval.

Watch Video (1B)


1C: Approval of the June 2020 Consent Calendar
The Commission will consider approval of the June 2020 Consent Calendar.

Watch Video (1C)


1D: Chair’s Report

Watch Video (1D)


1E: Executive Director’s Report

Watch Video (1E)


1F: Commission Member Reports

Watch Video (1F)


1G: Liaison Reports

Watch Video (1G)


1H: Update on Actions Addressing the COVID-19 Crisis, Considerations for 2020-21, and Possible Additional Actions for Commission Consideration
This agenda item reviews the actions taken to date to address the COVID-19 crisis, identifies considerations for the 2020-21 school year and its impact on teacher preparation.

Watch Video (1H)

Educator Preparation Committee

Haydee Rodriguez, Committee Chair

2A: Potential Changes to the Accreditation Framework
This agenda item presents potential revisions to the adopted Accreditation Framework for Commission discussion and potential adoption.

Watch Video (2A)


2B: Discussion of Proposed Changes in Language for Initial Program Review Preconditions
This agenda item presents the Commission’s current Initial Program Preconditions addressing the Demonstration of Need and the Practitioner’s Participation in Program Design that a program sponsor must demonstrate in order to propose a new educator preparation program.

Watch Video (2B)


2C: Report on the Teaching Performance Assessment Comparability Study
This agenda item presents the findings of the Comparability Study of the three Commission-approved Teaching Performance Assessment models for the Commission’s consideration.

Watch Video (2C)

2D: Update on the Work of the Bilingual Authorization Work Group
This agenda item presents an update on the Bilingual Authorization work group, the panel members, and summarizes the work to date.

Watch Video (2D)


2E: Update on the Work Relating to the Child Development Permit
This agenda item presents an update on the work relating to the Child Development Permit, including (A) information on the current Child Development Permit structure; (B) a summary of the prior work of the Commission’s Child Development Advisory Panel; (C) the development and adoption of the set of first-ever Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) for the early care and education workforce along with the first-ever set of Program Guidelines to identify and support quality expectations for the postsecondary programs that prepare this workforce; (D) work currently underway to support pilot implementation of the TPEs and Program Guidelines in the field, including support from the state’s Child Development Grant- Renewal federal funding; and (E) plans for moving the work forward in the future.

Watch Video (2E)

Closed Session

Alicia Hinde, Vice Chair

The Commission will go into Closed Session pursuant to California Government Code section 11126, to consider pending litigation in the matter of Emily Ismael v. CTC (Case No. 34-2019-80003046). The Commission will also consider adverse actions, Petitions for Reinstatement, Proposed Decisions, and transcript reviews in discipline cases while in Closed Session pursuant to California Education Code sections 44245, 44248, and Government Code section 11126. The Commission will report out of Closed Session appropriately concerning any and all actions taken or determinations made therein.

Friday, June 19, 2020
General Session
8:30 a.m.

Tine Sloan, Chair

Reconvene General Session
Chair Tine Sloan will reconvene General Session.

Items agendized for the first day of the meeting, but not completed, may be taken up today.

Educator Preparation Committee

Haydee Rodriguez, Committee Chair

2F: Initial Institutional Approval ̶ Stage III: Consideration of Provisional Approval for Yuba City Unified School District
This agenda item presents, as part of the Initial Institutional Approval Process, Yuba City Unified School District’s responses to the Common Standards and Program Preconditions for consideration and possible Provisional Approval by the Commission.

Watch Video (2F)

Professional Practices Committee

C. Michael Cooney, Committee Chair


3A: Division of Professional Practices Workload Report
This agenda item provides a report on the Division of Professional Practices’ current workload.

Certification Committee

Marysol De La Torre-Escobedo, Committee Chair

4A: Proposed Additions and Amendments to Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations Pertaining to Official Transcripts
This agenda item presents proposed amendments to Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations pertaining to official transcripts.

Watch Video (4A)

Fiscal Policy and Planning Committee

Monica Martinez, Committee Chair

5A: Update on the Governor’s Proposed 2020-21 Budget
This agenda item provides an update on the sections of the Governor’s proposed 2020-21 budget that relate to the Commission.

Watch Video (5A)

Legislative Committee

Alicia Hinde, Committee Chair

6A: Status of Legislation
Staff will present the status of those legislative measures of interest to the Commission and address questions regarding any other legislation identified by Commissioners.

Watch Video (6A)


6B: Analysis of Bill
Staff will present an analysis of AB 1982 (Cunningham), which impacts the Commission’s work. The analysis will summarize current law, describe the bill’s provisions, estimate its costs and recommend amendments.

Watch Video (6B)

General Session

Tine Sloan, Chair

1I: Report of Closed Session Items

Watch Video (1I)


1J: New Business

Watch Video (1J)



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