Current Activities

Program reports have been released


These are the statewide (SW) reports for each of the four programs whose completers were surveyed beginning June and ending August 15, 2016. Responders to these surveys were recommended for a credential and paid for their credential between January 1 and August 15, 2016.  

SW Preliminary Multiple Subjects Credential Program Completer Survey

SW Preliminary Single Subject Credential Program Completer Survey

SW Preliminary Education Specialist Credential Program Completer Survey

SW Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program Completer Survey

SW Clear General Education Credential Program Completer Survey

SW Clear Education Specialist Credential Program Completer Survey

SW Master Teacher Survey


Every institution that sponsored one of these programs and had ten or more completers during the survey administration time was sent a program-level report of their own completers who responded to the survey. The institutions' program-level reports included statewide responses to the same questions.

Institutions with programs that had fewer than ten completers during the survey administration time received a statewide report for that program.

This is a Summary of the program-level response rates for every program sponsor. 

Summary Response Rates By Programs - Clear Credentials

Summary Response Rates By Programs - Preliminary Credentials


Surveys administered in Summer 2016


Preliminary Multiple Subject Completer Survey

Preliminary Single Subject Completer Survey

Preliminary Education Specialist Completer Survey

Preliminary Master Teacher Survey

Preliminary Administrative Completer Survey

Clear Credential General Education Completer Survey

Clear Credential Education Specialist Completer Survey


What kinds of questions are on the Program Completers' survey?


Basic demographics such as gender and ethnicity as well as the type of credential program they attended, for example, online, blended or residency program

Opportunity to learn skills associated with the credential

Quality of preparation for assuming the role and managing responsibilities associated with the credential

Adequacy of learning supports for working with a variety of students under different circumstances

Supporting English Learners and students from special populations, including appropriate types of instructional and assessment strategies

Creating and maintaining healthy learning environments, for example, setting norms and providing a supportive climate for students

Feedback on the clinical experience and the support received from both program and fieldwork supervisors


Communication With Program Sponsors

Cover letter to the Program Completer Survey Reports

September 2015 Memo to Program Sponsors Deans and Directors

Update in the PSDNews

August 29, 2014 PSDNews

Introduction to the Program Completer Survey following the Commission's approval of the project

July 28, 2014 Memo to Preliminary Preparation Program Deans and Directors, Superintendents, Faculty, and Credential Analysts


Current Activities, Continued

How are program completers contacted regarding the survey?


Starting this fall, program completers can access the survey after Commission-approved institutions recommend them for the specific program credential. Additionally, program completers will no longer receive an email with the survey invitation. They will have an opportunity to take the survey prior to paying for their credential. For more details about the Program Completer Survey, please review the Memorandum available on the Credential Information Guide (CIG).

Survey Reports

One major benefit of the survey is that it will provide program-specific information for all programs of the same type. This allows a program sponsor to compare its completers' responses with statewide completer responses.

Once a template of a report has been finalized, a copy will be posted here.

Reports will be sent to every educator preparation program having ten or more completers during the survey administration time displaying the program data and state data and the program data.

As long as a minimum of 10 responses are received for a question, the report will display the number and percent who chose each response and, when appropriate, the mean and standard deviation.



The discussion about developing Program Completer Surveys formally began at the June 2012 Commission meeting. The development of a Program Completer Survey was one of fourteen recommendations approved by the Commission from the Professional Services Committee agenda item 6B.

The Commission's Minutes report the discussion and indicate there was input and support from the public without a dissenting opinion.

An update on the progress being made to develop a pilot Preliminary Credential Program Completers Survey.

Program Completer Surveys could become a critical component of the new Conceptual Framework and Plan for Strengthening and Streamlining the Commission's Accountability System for Educator Preparation.


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Updated May 10, 2017