The Commission will evaluate your fitness to be granted a credential based on:

  • Your answers to the Professional Fitness Questions (PFQ’s);
  • Information we obtain from criminal history reports;
  • A database of teacher misconduct;
  • Previous reviews by the Commission;
  • Reports from school districts;
  • Reports of violation of teacher preparation tests; and
  • Any complaints received


Warning: Failure to disclose any required information is falsification of your application and the Commission may reject or deny your application or take disciplinary action against your credential.

When completing your On-line application you will be asked six professional fitness or background questions. You will be asked about arrests, convictions, changes in education employment status as a result of misconduct, and disciplinary actions taken against a teaching or other license.

The Commission will evaluate your fitness to be granted a credential based on your answers to these questions and our review of criminal history reports, a national database of teacher misconduct, previous reviews by the Commission, reports of educator misconduct from school districts and violations of teacher preparation tests.

Application Processing Timeline:

California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 80443, sets a maximum processing time of 50 working days for completed applications. However, applications delayed by a Commission appeal, Division of Professional Practices review, or fingerprint card processing are not subject to the 50-day restriction.

Application Status:

If your application status = “Pending Additional Evaluation.” Your application has been forwarded to the Division of Professional Practices due to one or more of the following:

  • Yes answer to a Professional Fitness Question;
  • Information received from criminal history reports;
  • Reports from school districts; and/or
  • Your failure to report current or past misconduct.


The following PFQ’s will be found on your Online Application and must be completed during your application process.

a. School Employment Action (School Misconduct):

Have you ever been:

  • Dismissed/terminated;
  • non-reelected;
  • suspended without pay for more than ten days;
  • retired;
  • resigned from; or
  • otherwise left school; 
    because of allegations of misconduct or while allegations of misconduct were pending?

b. Criminal Conviction (Conviction):

Have you ever been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor in California or any other place?

(You may omit misdemeanor marijuana-related convictions that occurred more than two years prior to this application, except convictions involving concentrated cannabis, which must be disclosed.)

c. Currently Under Investigation (Under Investigation):

Are you currently the subject of any criminal inquiry or investigation by a law enforcement agency or any licensing agency in California or any other state?

d. Pending Criminal Action (Charged):

Are any criminal charges currently pending against you?

e. Teaching Credential Disciplinary Action (Credential Discipline):

Have you ever had any credential, including but not limited to, any Certificate of Clearance, permit, credential, license or other document authorizing public school service:

  • Revoked;
  • Denied;
  • Suspended;
  • Publicly Reproved; and/or
  • otherwise subjected to any other disciplinary action (including an action that was stayed);
    in California or any other state or place?

f. Professional License Disciplinary Action (License Action):

Have you ever had any professional or vocational (not teaching or educational) license:

  • revoked;
  • denied;
  • suspended; and/or
  • otherwise subjected to any other disciplinary action (including an action that was stayed);
    in California or any other state or place?

Mail all documents to:

Commission on Teacher Credentialing,

Division of Professional Practices

1900 Capitol Avenue

Sacramento, California 95811-4213.

Please use the following “DPP Document Submission Form,” which will assist DPP staff in processing your application in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about the Professional Fitness Questions, you can contact the Commission by email ( or telephone (916) 322-4974.
Updated February 09, 2024