Find Your Career Path

California needs amazing educators! This tool will help you learn more about what it takes to become a licensed educator in California, depending on the type of role you are interested in.

Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) Calculator

For most credentials or permits to serve in California public schools, applicants must meet the Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) by verifying basic skills proficiency in the following subjects:

  • English Reading
  • English Writing
  • Mathematics

In addition, teacher preparation programs often require that a candidate verify BSR when applying to their programs as well. There are multiple ways in which this requirement can be satisfied. This tool is designed to provide an understanding of the various options available and the documentation that must be submitted to the Commission for each option.

Program Pathways Dashboard

This dashboard shows the Commission-approved institutions offering California educator preparation programs, separated out by program pathway. Navigate to each pathway using the tabs at the top, and filter to narrow down the list and find the program that's best for you.

Shareable Resources

The following flyers are available as resources for educators and cover a variety of topics.

  • How to Clear Your Credential
    The resource is intended for the holders of Preliminary teaching credentials based on the completion of Commission-approved California credential programs, and would be particularly useful for educators that were held for TPA and/or RICA renewal requirements.

  • Pathways to Credentialing
    To teach in California, you will need to earn a credential by completing a teacher preparation program approved by the Commission. There are many options to choose from, each with its own strengths and philosophy of how to prepare a successful teacher. Depending on the program, the format may be in-person, virtual, or hybrid and you may have the option to earn your bachelor's or master's degree along with your Preliminary credential (a professional-level license valid for five years). Explore the program models in the resource to find the one that's right for you!

  • Serving Multilingual or English Learner Students
    Multilingual students or English Learners are students who have not yet attained full proficiency in English. Students designated in these categories must be taught by teachers that hold an English Learner Authorization. If an educator has even one English Learner in the classroom, they must hold the appropriate authorization to serve them in accordance with California law. There are a few types of English Learner services available depending on students’ needs. This resource describes the types and how to obtain the appropriate authorization depending on how you obtained your California teaching credential.


Updated January 08, 2024