The Commission on Teacher Credentialing approves programs that meet its adopted standards of quality and effectiveness.  These programs span across all credential areas and include subject matter programs, educator preparation programs and educator induction programs.  Prospective candidates may enroll in Commission-approved institutions that offer approved programs to earn a credential or authorization to serve in the California's public schools.

Search for Commission-approved institutions by using the data dashboards below.   Information about institutions include contact information, accreditation status, programs, documents issued, teacher demographics and teacher assessments.

Data Dashboards

  • Commission-Approved Educator Preparation Programs (All Commission-approved institutions)
    This data dashboard page provides a list of Commission-approved educator preparation programs sponsored by colleges, universities, school districts, county offices of education and other entities. These programs include initial teacher preparation, induction and all programs preparing an individual for a services credential.  For California prepared educators, completing a Commission-approved educator preparation program is required to earn a credential or authorization.
  • Commission-Approved Subject Matter Preparation Programs
    A subset of Commission-approved institutions offer subject matter preparation programs. This data dashboard page provides a list of California colleges and universities with Commission-approved subject matter programs.  Teacher candidates earning a Multiple Subject, Single Subject or Educator Specialist credential will need to demonstrate competence in the subject matter they will be authorized to teach.  They may complete a Commission-approved subject matter preparation program or pass a Commission-approved examination ((California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)).

CTC Data Inquiries

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Updated November 05, 2019