The Commission issues teaching credentials to individuals who have completed all credential requirements for the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Single Subject Teaching Credential or the Education Specialist Instruction Credential (see Teaching Credential Requirements).

This page provides information on the number of new and renewed teaching credentials issued in the last five years.  The Commission uses fiscal year starting July 1 to June 30 to report the number of teaching credentials issued.  Data files are available in the Data and Resources section at the bottom of the page. Go to the Glossary for more information about terms used on this page. Go to the How to Use Dashboards page for tips on how to search and view data on this page. 

New Teaching Credentials Issued in the Last Five Years

Assembly Bill 471 (Chap. 381, Stats. 1999; Education Code §44225.6) requires the Commission to report to the Governor and Legislature each year on the number of teachers who received credentials to teach in California public schools.  Three types of new teaching credentials are issued every year: Intern, Preliminary and Clear.

Intern Credential:  Commission-approved institutions that offer a teaching intern program may recommend candidates for an intern credential.  Issuance of the intern credential indicates that candidates are employed in a school while completing credential requirements.  School districts that are unable to fill a teaching position with a teacher who holds a preliminary or clear credential may request for an intern candidate as the teacher of record.  Intern candidates who complete the intern and preliminary credential requirements may be recommended for a preliminary credential by the intern program. 

Preliminary and Clear Credential:  Issuance of the preliminary and clear credentials indicates that candidates are fully prepared to teach in schools.  Credentials issued without an institution name indicate that the credential holder earned the credential via out-of-state or other preparation pathway.  Clear credentials in this section are better known as the initial clear credential.  The initial clear credentials are generally issued to applicants from out-of-state.  They are not clear credentials issued to candidates who have completed the teacher induction program.

The figures and tables below display how many new credentials were issued by credential name, credential type, segment, institution and subject area in the last five years.  Data also include how many intern credentials were recommended by the approved-intern preparation program.  Search using the drop down menus.

Renewed Teaching Credentials Issued in the Last Five Years

Renewed teaching credentials indicate that preliminary credential holders have completed the teaching induction program to earn a clear credential or clear credential holders are renewing their clear credential due to the five year expiration date.  As a result, renewed credentials are only issued as a clear credential.  Institution data are not available.

The figures and tables below display how many renewed clear credentials were issued and by subject area in the last five years.  Search using the drop down menus.

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