California offers six levels of Child Development (CD) Permits, each with its own set of issuance requirements and each authorizing the holder to perform different levels of service in child development programs including School-Age emphasis that serves children from ages birth to 14. Specifically, these permits authorize the holder to provide services in the care, development, and instruction of children ages five and younger in a child care and development program; and may provide other services such as supervision and to serve as a curriculum coordinator. This page displays data on the numbers of Child Development Permits issued in the past five fiscal years. For more information about Child Development Permits, review leaflet CL-797.

Applicants for Child Development Permits apply directly to the Commission and are required to complete specific courses and other requirements. Programs, such as those offered in two- or four-year institutions of higher education, may apply to have a sequence of courses pre-approved by the Commission and may then verify that an applicant has completed the program. This process, known as Verification of Completion (VOC), helps expedite the processing time of applications.

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Updated December 20, 2017