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Updated April 27, 2007

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Commission Meeting Agenda
March 8, 2007
All times are approximate and are provided for convenience only except time specific items identified herein (i.e. Public Hearing). The order of business within each day may be changed without notice. All items may be re-ordered to be heard on any day of the noticed meeting. Persons wishing to address the Commission on Teacher Credentialing on a subject to be considered at this meeting are asked to complete a Request Card and give it to the Recording Secretary prior to the discussion of the item. 

Reasonable Accommodation: Any person with a disability requiring disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in the meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, may make a request by contacting Rhonda Brown at (916) 322-6253 or sending a written request to that person at 1900 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95811. Requests should be made as soon as possible but at least five working days in advance of the meeting. 

Live Webcast Presentation: The Commission meeting will be webcast via the internet. Access the broadcast on the CTC Meetings page. While the Commission intends to webcast this meeting, it may not be possible to webcast all or part of the open meeting due to technical issues or limitations on resources.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Executive Committee

9:00 a.m.

P. David Pearson, Chair

Caleb Cheung
Paula Cordeiro
Margaret Gaston
Guillermo Gomez

1A: Approval of the February 2007 Executive Committee Minutes
The Committee will consider approval of the minutes of the February 2007 meeting of the Executive Committee.

1B: Review and Discussion of Proposed Changes to the Commission Policy Manual
The Committee will continue its review and discussion of revisions to the Policy Manual in accordance with the plan adopted at the February 2007 Executive Committee meeting.

General Session

will convene immediately following Executive Committee

P. David Pearson, Chair

Convene General Session
Commission Chair P. David Pearson will convene General Session. Roll call will be taken. 

2A: Approval of the February 2007 Minutes
The Commission will consider approval of the minutes of the February 2007 meeting of the Commission. 

2B: Approval of the March 2007 Agenda
The Commission will consider approval of the Agenda for the March 2007 meeting of the Commission. 


2C: Approval of the March 2007 Consent Calendar
The Commission will consider approval of the March 2007 Consent Calendar. 
Agenda Item 2C - Insert

2D: Chair's Report


2E: Executive Director's Report

2F: Commission Member Reports 


2G: Liaison Reports 

2H: Annual Report of the Committee on Accreditation
This agenda item presents the Eleventh Annual Accreditation Report from the Committee on Accreditation to the Commission.

2I: Update on the SB 1209 (Chap. 517, Stats. 2006) Implementation Plan
This agenda item provides an update on the Commission's implementation of SB 1209 (Chap. 517, Stats. 2006).

Fiscal Policy and Planning Committee

Guillermo Gomez, Committee Chair

3A: Establishment of the Fee Structure for Commission Examinations for 2007-08
This agenda item provides an update on the projected 2007-08 revenues anticipated to support the daily operations of examination related activities. The Commission will take action on the examination fee structure for Fiscal Year 2007-08, in order to allow sufficient time to inform stakeholders of any proposed changes. 

Credentialing and Certificated Assignments Committee

Caleb Cheung, Committee Chair

4A: Proposed Amendments to California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 80001, Pertaining to Definitions and Terms
Commission will consider revisions to Title 5 Section 80001 pertaining to Definitions and Terms for review and discussion of the term "credential" to include on-line documents being used as the official credential copy.



Legislative Committee

Margaret Gaston, Acting Committee Chair 

5A: Status of Legislation
This agenda item provides the status of legislative measures on which the Commission has adopted a position.

5B: Analyses of Bills
This agenda item presents analyses of educator preparation or licensing legislation. The analyses will summarize current law, describe the bills' provisions, estimate their costs, and recommend amendments, if applicable. 
Agenda Item 5B - Insert

5C: Other Legislative and Policy Items
This agenda item is an update on the activities of the Legislature and information about bills that do not directly affect Commission operation or policy, but may be of interest.

Professional Services Committee

Paula Cordeiro, Committee Chair

6A: SB 2042 (Chap. 548, Stats. 1998) Update on the Implementation of Teacher Preparation Standards
This agenda item provides an overview of SB 2042, its goals, implementation process, and accomplishments.

6B: Program Approval and Initial Accreditation
This agenda report presents recommendations for approval of program proposals submitted by local education agencies and institutions of higher education for single subject matter preparation programs and induction programs.

6C: Implementation of the Accreditation System
This agenda item provides an update on the implementation of the revised accreditation system. The item presents proposed revisions to the Commission's Common Standards and the COA's proposal for improved communication between the Commission and COA.
Agenda Item 6C - Insert

6D: Update on the Implementation of the Teaching Performance Assessment Requirement for Preliminary Multiple and Single Subject Teacher Preparation Programs
This agenda item provides an update on issues relating to the implementation of the Teaching Performance Assessment requirement for multiple and single subject preliminary teacher preparation programs.
Agenda Item 6D - Insert

Closed Session

Will convene if necessary immediately following Professional Services Committee

The Commission will meet, if necessary, in Closed Session pursuant to Government Code sections 22216 and Education Code sessions 44245 and 44248. If a Closed Session is held, the Commission will report appropriately concerning any and all action taken or determinations made therein in General Session.

Reconvene General Session

P. David Pearson, Chair

2J: Report of Closed Session Items

2K: Report of Executive Committee

2L: New Business
Quarterly Agenda is presented
Audience Presentations

2M: Nominations for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s Vice Chair for 2007



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