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Teacher Librarian Services Credential

The Teacher Librarian Services Credential authorizes the holder to perform all of the following duties:

  • Instruct pupils in the choice and use of library materials
  • Plan and coordinate school library programs with the instructional programs of a school district
  • Select materials for school and district libraries
  • Coordinate or supervise library programs at the school district or county level
  • Plan and conduct a course of instruction for those pupils who assist in the operation of school libraries
  • Supervise classified personnel assigned school library duties
  • Develop procedures for and management of the school and district libraries

Information for All Candidates

California Prepared Candidates

Out-of-State Prepared Candidates

Out-of-Country Prepared Candidates

  • The requirements for individuals prepared outside of the U.S. may be found on Commission leaflet Teacher Librarian Services Credential. If you do not meet the criteria for out-of-state prepared applicants, you will need to contact a California college or university with a Commission-approved professional preparation program, securing their formal recommendation for the credential.

  • Foreign Transcript Evaluation [PDF]

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Updated January 2, 2008