The Commission on Teacher Credentialing has appointed twenty individuals to serve as panel members to consider the need for, and, as appropriate, propose recommended standards for a preparation program for the Mathematics Specialist Credential. In addition, the Commission has asked the advisory panel to delve into the larger picture related to determining the mathematics needs of students across the K-12 continuum. Considerations then need to be given whether to change authorizations to reflect preparation received or to address teacher preparation to conform to authorizations. The panel begins work on March 30-31, 2009.

Background information

CTC Agenda Items Related to Teaching Mathematics

  • Authorizations to Teach Mathematics (October 2008) [PDF]
    This agenda item presents information on the different documents that authorize an individual to teach mathematics. In addition, the item provides data on the numbers of individuals earning credentials to teach mathematics, the mathematics subject matter requirements, the passing rates of the CSET mathematics examination, pedagogical preparation to teach mathematics, and how students in the public schools are scoring on the standardized mathematics examinations.
  • Authorizations for Teaching Mathematics (January 2009) [PDF]
    This agenda item continues the discussion begun at the October 2008 Commission meeting related to the teaching of mathematics in California. The focus of this item is the authorization statements for documents that authorize the teaching of mathematics.
  • Subject Matter Competence of Teachers of Mathematics (April 2009) [PDF]
    This agenda item continues the discussion related to the teaching of mathematics in California. The focus of the item is the process for determining the subject matter competence of K-12 teachers of
  • Update on the Work of the Teaching Mathematics Advisory Panel (April 2009) [PDF]
    This agenda item presents an update on the work of the Teaching Mathematics Advisory Panel.


State Documents


Other Resources as appropriate such as current credential requirements and standards used by other states or professional organizations for similar credentials

Current research about effective instructional strategies in the teaching of mathematics


Meetings of the Advisory Panel

Three meetings of the Advisory Panel are scheduled. The agenda for each meeting will be posted prior to the meeting. Other meetings will be scheduled.


Updated September 28, 2017