ADS Permission Descriptions

Permissions in the ADS

Unit Head: The Unit Head is responsible for ensuring that data is submitted annually through the ADS.  The Unit Head may delegate permissions to others at the institution and has the ability to create an annual report form for a program, enter data in the annual report form, review the set of annual reports, submit the annual report to the CTC, authorize additional institution users, and give users permission at the institution. Only the Unit Head may delegate to an individual the Security or Program Delegate rolls.

Security Delegate: The Security Delegate may create an annual report form for a program, enter data in the annual report form, submit the annual report to the Unit Head for review and submission, authorize institution users, and give users Institution Staff permission at the institution.

Program Delegate: The Program Delegate may create an annual report form for a program, enter data in the annual report form, submit the annual report to the Unit Head for review and submission, review the full set of annual reports, and submit the reports to the CTC.

Institution Staff: Most institution users will be designated as Institution Staff. The role of Institution Staff allows an individual to create an annual report form for a program, enter data in the annual report form, and submit the report to the Unit Head. 

Program Report Questions

Report questions

What type of questions are asked in the program report?

The type of questions that are asked in the program report include: admission standards, program requirement, candidate demographics and candidate performance.

Does the ADS report replace the biennial report?


What is the reporting period for this report?

Academic year, September 1 through August 31.

What if an institution is a Local Education Agency or does not participate in either the semester or quarter system?

Select “N/A”.

What if an institution does not have a minimum GPA requirement?

Enter "0.00".

Where should an institution report add-on credentials?

Count the candidate in both reports separately.

Can CTC clarify the mean GPA?

The mean GPA for the current cohort (new enrollees accepted into the program in 2017-18 academic year).  For example, for post-grad, refer to the candidate’s undergraduate GPA.

Is there a certain standard for full vs. part time regarding expected length of program?

No, the definitions are at the discretion of the institution. This information will be assessed based on the data that is entered. CTC is interested in understanding how long, in months, it is expected to take for candidates to finish the program when enrolled as full time students and how long if the program is also offered in a part time delivery model.

Save and Submit ADS report

Can I save an ADS report?

An ADS user may save and return to a report, however, this is not recommended. Unfortunately, some reports may not save due to the following issues: web browsers, a time-out, or a connectivity problem that occurred at the time that the update was called for.

The Submit button is not visible on the report page.  Why?

The Submit button may not appear if not all of the report questions are answered.  If any reports are not in a status of No Reports CreatedIn Progress or Ready for Submission, you will not be able to click the Submit button to submit the reports to the CTC.

Troubleshooting ADS Issues

'Reporting' tabs and status

What does the 'Required Reporting' tab show?

The 'Required Reporting' tab displays the programs for which the CTC requires reporting.

What information does the 'Active Programs' tab show?

The 'Active Programs' tab displays the institution’s active programs. Not all active programs require reporting - e.g., subject matter programs.

What information does the 'Not Active Programs' tab show?

The 'Not Active Programs' tab displays the programs that are not active for the institution.

What are the report status options?

In Progress: The annual report has been created, but is not completed.

Submitted to Unit Head: The annual report has been completed by the Faculty/Staff and submitted to the Unit head. Once it has reached this status, it is locked for the Faculty/Staff user (the report is set to read-only for the Faculty/Staff role) and can only be unlocked by the Unit Head or Program Delegate.

Submitted to CTC: The annual report has been submitted to the CTC by the Unit Head or Program Delegate. Once it has reached this status, it is locked for the institution.

Late: The annual report was not submitted by the due date. If this occurs, you must contact the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to request an extension.


Create, complete, print or unlock a report

How do I create a report?

From the institution page, click the Report Set button to navigate to the report set page. Initially, the institution will not have any reports. It is the institution’s responsibility to create reports for each of the different ways programs are offered to candidates. From the report set page, create the appropriate report templates for each program. There must be at least one annual report per program. 

The following steps guide you through the creation of a single report in the report set. 1. On the Report Set page, click the Add Report button.

2. In the Add Report form, select the appropriate options from the following drop-downs: Program, Level, Pathway, Delivery Method.

3. Once you select the appropriate options, click Add Report to create the new annual report.

4.  Repeat this process to create additional annual reports, as necessary. After creating annual reports, using the steps above, the newly created annual reports appear within the report set.

How do I complete a report?

All reports must be complete before they can be submitted to the CTC.

1. From the report set page, click the edit pencil in the Action column for the report you want to edit.

2. The annual report has several questions that must be filled out prior to submission.

3. When finished providing the data, there are three buttons at the very bottom of the page. You may choose to either Save, Submit to Unit Head or Cancel.

How do I print the report(s)?

From the report questions page (where all of the report questions are listed), there is a printer icon located at the top right corner of the page.

Who is able to unlock a report?

Those in the Faculty/Staff role cannot unlock a report.  Requests must go through the Unit Head or Security Delegate.

Login Guidance and Help

New ADS Account

Create an Account in the Accreditation Data system (ADS).

Any authorized institution staff may create an account in the ADS. The account will not be active until you click on the link in the email sent by your spam folder!

You will receive a confirmation email. Click the "Confirmation link" to confirm your email address and complete your account registration.

You will be redirected to a confirmation screen where you can click a link to sign into your account.

Prior to a Unit Head or Security Delegate granting your account institution access, you will see the screen shown below:

What email do I use to create my account?

Use your institutional email to register for an account.

If the individual’s email domain matches an institution’s email pattern, the individual is available to be connected to that institution. The Unit Head or Security Delegate must click on Manage Contacts and then click on “Add Contact to Institution” under all the identified contacts to connect the individual to the institution. ONLY the Unit Head and Security Delegate will see the three blue boxes (Create Contact, Add Contact to Institution, Manage User Permission) under the list of contacts.

What is the link to access the ADS?

ADS Access and Permission

A user is not listed under my institution’s contacts page.

If on the list of individuals on your institution’s Contacts page you do not see someone who says they created an account and clicked on the link to activate the account—Click on ‘Manage Contacts’ and then on ‘Add Contact to Institution’. Search for the individual by entering the first letter of the individual’s name in the User Look up field. Click on ‘Add User’ to connect them to the institution. If you do not find the individual in the User Look Up listing, check with the individual to make sure they have created and activated an account, and if that is the case email asking for the individual to be connected to your institution.

How many permissions can an individual have and is there a limit?

An individual may have more than one permission and more than one individual at the institution may be a Program Delegate or a Security Delegate.

What if our institution’s Unit Head is not showing in ADS?

If you have a different unit head than who is showing in the ADS, please have the new Unit Head create an account, email the information on the new Dean or Superintendent, and staff will give the Unit Head the appropriate permissions.

Do BIR members have access to ADS?

BIR Members were preloaded in the system. When a BIR member creates an account, staff will be able to assign the BIR member to an institution. While the BIR member is connected to the institution, the BIR member will be able to access data reports for the institution.

Forgot my password

1. From the sign in screen, click the "I forgot my Login or password" link.

2. Enter your email address and click Submit.

3. To reset your password, enter the information required and click the Reset button.


Updated October 01, 2018