California has more than two-hundred approved institutions of which about a third offers a preliminary teacher preparation program.  Approved institutions that offer initial teaching credential programs are mandated to annually submit Title II reports to the U.S. Department of Education.

This page provides recent trend data of the number of Commission-approved institutions that submitted Title II reports, candidate enrollment, program completers and state pass rates.  Title II data are available starting from Academic Year 2014-15.  To download Title II data, go to the Title II High Education Act website.  Go to the Glossary for more information about terms used on this page.

Title II Home - Includes reports and additional information.

Commission-approved institutions and reports

Commission-approved institutions are distinguished by four main segments: California State University (CSU), University of California (UC), Private/Independent Institution and Local Education Agency (LEA).  Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) consist of CSUs, UCs and private/independent institutions, and may offer preliminary (traditional) and university intern (alternative, IHE-based) programs.  LEAs are approved to offer only district intern (alternative, not IHE-based) programs. 

In Figure 1, the data display the number of institutions, including by segment that have submitted a Title II report in the last four years.  In Figure 2, the data display the number of Title II reports submitted by institution, including by program route in the last four years.  Institutions must submit more than one report if they offer more than one program route (Traditional, Alternative, IHE-based, and Alternative, not IHE-based) pathway. 

Click the figure for the View Data table or hover over the tooltip for percent change from prior year.

Renewed Teaching Credentials Issued in the Last Five Years

Renewed teaching credentials indicate that Preliminary credential holders have completed the teaching induction program to earn a Clear credential or Clear credential holders are renewing their Clear credential due to the five year expiration date.  As a result, renewed credentials are only issued as a Clear credential.  Institution data are not available.

The figures and tables below display how many renewed Clear credentials were issued and by subject area in the last five years.  Search using the drop down menus. 

Data and Resources

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Updated October 14, 2020