Alicia Hinde

Jan 12, 2017, 17:17 PM
Commission Position : Vice Chair
Link ID : Hinde
Member Position : Teacher Representative
Appointed : August 2011
Term Expires : November 2020
A native Californian, Alicia grew up on the beaches and in the mountains of Santa Cruz. She knew she wanted to be a teacher in kindergarten when Ms. Condor, her kindergarten teacher, allowed her to eat the cheese cut into various shapes upon reciting the correct shape name. 

Alicia has been teaching elementary school for 15 years in the Cambrian School District, where she lives for the joy and excitement for learning on her students' faces. Aside from teaching full time, Alicia has spent time active in her teacher's union where she served as President for four years. She also is a representative for California Teachers Association's State Council where she serves as Chair of the Credentials and Professional Development Committee. 

Alicia has three wonderful children, ages 9, 11 and 13 who enjoy laughing, the beach and throwing big parties. In her free time Alicia can be found underwater scuba diving and taking pictures to bring back to her students. She also enjoys poetry, hiking and fine wine.
Teacher Representative

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