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Technical Help

If you are experiencing problems with the Commission's website, check the following list before contacting the Webmaster:

Training Modules, PDF documents, Live Video

CTC uses as number of different technologies in delivering web services to the public. You may need a web browser plugin to view some of the content on this site. Please see the following table to be sure you have the correct plugin installed.

Can't view PDF documents Adobe Reader
Get Adobe Reader
Can't view training demos or simulations   Adobe Reader
Get Adobe Flash Player
Can't view live video feed Download and install Microsoft Silverlight

Web browser and device support (CTC Online)

CTC Online supports Mozilla Firefox on Windows and Mac computers, as well as Internet Explorer versions 8 and 11 on Windows computers. CTC Online includes Educator Search as well as Online Services for Educators and Agencies.

Download Mozilla Firefox
Download Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS X or Windows.

Trouble viewing pages on CTC Online - Pop up blocker exceptions

CTC Online uses pop-up windows for some functions, and these windows may be blocked by your web browser. If you have trouble viewing pages on CTC Online, you may need to create an exception in your web browser for pop-up windows. Use the following instructions to allow an exception for the CTC Online website:

Make sure the following addresses are allowed by your pop-up blocker:
  • ctc.ca.gov
  • https://educator.ctc.ca.gov
For assistance with CTC Online, contact CTCOnline@ctc.ca.gov

Web Traffic

The Commission's website may be experiencing a lot of traffic. Our recommendation: Just be patient and allow complete pages to download before you try clicking any of the links.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Your ISP may be experiencing a problem. Try to see if you encounter the same problem with another site (see Web Traffic above).


Though our web pages aren't overly large, some do include graphical elements. It is possible your computer does not have enough memory, and you might want to consider additional memory.

Updated May 01, 2014