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Accreditation and Cohort Information

The Commission is currently in the process of strengthening and streamlining the accreditation system. As a result of this effort, cohort maps are being revised. If you have questions regarding accreditation activities for your institution, please contact Accreditation@ctc.ca.gov and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate consultant to assist you.

Accreditation Email Account
There are specialized email accounts for institutions to submit documentation and questions related to the Commission's accreditation system.

Please note:
  • Biennial Reports are due from Blue (September 15, 2015) and Orange (November 15, 2015) institutions.
  • Program Assessment document from Yellow institutions are on hold until Fall 2016.
  • Site Visits for Blue will continue as scheduled for the 2015-16 academic year.

National Accreditation Information

For information on alignment between the California Accreditation system and national professional organizations please review the information on the National Professional Organization Accreditation web page.

Updated February 2, 2016