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Accreditation Site Visits

The Accreditation Site Visit is scheduled for approved educator preparation institutions in year six of a seven-year accreditation cycle. This page provides information to assist the institution in preparing for the site visit.

Resources for Institutions Preparing for a Site Visit

  • Accreditation Handbook
    The Accreditation Handbook provides guidance for all approved educator preparation institutions, programs and individuals participating in accreditation activities. Chapter Four describes the seven-year Accreditation Cycle, and Chapter Seven discusses Preparation for an Accreditation Site Visit. Accreditation Decision Options and Implications are discussed in Chapter Eight.
  • Timeline - Preparing for an Accreditation Site Visit
    This one-page document provides the general timeline of required activities in preparation for an accreditation site visit. The dates will be assigned and discussed with the state consultant.
  • Program Sampling or Full Program Review: A Comparison
  • Site Visit Documentation
    A concise list of the documentation that needs to be provided to all team members a minimum of 60 days prior to the site visit.
  • Submission of Documentation in Support of the Accreditation Site Visit
    This submittal form with signature should be scanned and emailed when submitting the Preconditions Report or the Common Standards Response. The form is to verify that a person in authority agrees that the document being submitted is a valid document from the institution.
  • Travel Brochure
    The Travel Brochure provides the contract parameters for accommodating the visiting accreditation review team (state per diem restrictions for lodging by county, and reimbursement for meals)

NCATE Legacy Visits

Contacting the CTC regarding accreditation activities

  • Email Accounts The Accreditation@ctc.ca.gov email account should be used to submit documents for upcoming site visits. These documents include the Preconditions Report and Site Visit Documentation that is not available on your institution's web page. Biennial Report documents and questions should be submitted to BiennialReports@ctc.ca.gov. Program Assessment documents, questions and resubmissions should be submitted to ProgramAssessment@ctc.ca.gov.
  • CTC Site Visit Consultant - A Consultant will be assigned to work with the institution in preparing for the accreditation site visit, and will contact the institution once assigned.
For more information, please contact Teri Ackerman at tackerman@ctc.ca.gov.

Updated December 13, 2016