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Program Sponsor Alerts

PSAs provide information from the Commission to approved educator preparation institutions and programs. this information is emailed to all identified contacts at approved institutions (usually, deans and directors of teacher education). The information is archived here for future reference.

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DateTopicPSA #
July 8, 2016 Adoption of Revised California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) 16-08
May 5, 2016 Implementation of Administrative Services Credential Programs 16-07
March 29, 2016 Preparing for Annual Accreditation Fees - Inactive Status and Withdrawal Deadlines 16-06
March 29, 2016 Commission Adoption of Accreditation Framework and Revised Language for Common Standard 3 16-05
February 12, 2016 Common Standards-CAEP Alignment Matrix 16-04
February 11, 2016 Education Specialist Out-of-State Credentials and Clearing Level I Education Specialist Credentials 16-03
February 3, 2016 New Accreditation Schedule and Activity Webpage and Updated Cohort Maps 16-02
February 2, 2016 Temporary Waiver of the 120 Day Enrollment Requirement in Clear Induction 16-01

Updated July 8, 2016